School Information

Hall School is located in Portland, Maine, a city often mentioned as one of the nation's most "livable" small cities. The school has 450 students in Kindergarten through Grade Five.

Hall School is a joyful learning community of high standards and high expectations for each student.  The learning experience is exciting and challenging.  Hall's curriculum is rich, consistent and challenging.  Hall has a long history of shared partnerships with parents and school community members. The rigorous curriculum includes literacy, math, social studies, science, health, technology, music, art, and physical education.  The Learning Results are central to delineating "What students should know and be able to do upon graduating from Portland Schools."   

Hall School meets the evolving needs of children.

• Early Primary:
Full day K program for all children
The Kindergarten Program

• Primary Structure for all students:
Literacy Groups outside the classroom available for primary children who qualify
Reading Recovery available in first grade for children who qualify 

• Intermediate Structure:
Literacy Collaborative available in many neighborhood intermediate classes and in one Many Rivers classroom 
 Intermediate Literacy Collaborative

Hall School provides a variety of student-centered learning options. 

• Hall School Neighborhood Program:
Available to students living in the Hall
School area
Serves students K-5 

English as a Second Language Program:
Available to eligible students K-5
More than eighteen languages are represented at Hall School

Many Rivers Program:
Open to students from Hall and other Portland Schools
Serves students Grade 1-5

• District Special Education Program Classes:
Available to students qualifying from Hall School and other city schools

School Based Special Education Services:
Available to qualifying students within Hall School 
Organized for 21st century teaching and learning.
Collaborative Teaching Teams exist in all classes throughout the year for specific units,
projects, events, cross grade mentoring etc.

Team Teaching Available in a Neighborhood First Grade and Fourth Grade 

• Teaching Teams Available in Some Neighborhood Classes and in Many Rivers

• Multiage:
Available in a neighborhood class, Multilingual classes, and Many Rivers

• Looping:
Available in neighborhood primary grades, a neighborhood two/three, multilingual classes and Many Rivers classes

• Technology:
Computer lab available for all students

Hall School surrounds children with a strong and caring school community.
• Teachers have all earned the "Highly Qualified" status:
Under the federal No Child Left Behind Act

Parent Organizations:
Actively support all aspects of school life

• Partnership Developer:
Coordinates the numerous parent and school community volunteers within Hall School each day

ETEP site for graduate student interns:
A collegial partnership with the University of Maine
Involves Hall School with coaching and modeling for new teachers

• Child Care: (before/after school)
Provided by Portland Recreation Department  
Hall School has a rich and varied menu of authentic learning opportunities. 

• Snow Shoeing: 
A favorite winter portion of physical education program K-5

Steel Drums:
Part of the Hall School music curriculum for all students K-5

Outdoor Nature Trail:
Completed in partnership with Portland Trails

• School Clubs and Groups:
Math Team
Destination Imagination
Drum Ensemble
Musical Key Boarding
Family Chorus
Recorder Consort
Guitar Club
Steel Drums

Fifth Grade Morning Announcers
Fifth and Fourth Grade Safety Patrol 

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Chickadee Book Awards

Extended Teacher Education Program

Many Rivers

Portland Trail Project

Special Programs