Pre-K Curriculum

Opening the World of Learning (OWL)
OWL books
Throughout our Pre-K School Year we will learn through six units of study including: 
1) Family
2) Friends
3) Wind and Water
4) The World of Color
5) Shadows and Reflections
6) Things That Grow 

Everyday Mathematics
                                  Everyday Math Image
Our math curriculum includes a variety of activities that explore the following math concepts: 

Numeracy: The ability to work with and understand numbers. Count. Identify and write numerals. Identify and show quantity.

Geometry: Shapes, spatial skills, and positional words.

Measurement: Size, length and amount.

Patterns and Functions: Recognizing and creating patterns, as well as sorting, categorizing and classifying.

Data: Graphing and analyzing/discussing information.

Second Step
               Second Step Materials
Throughout their time at Hall School your child will learn many important social and emotional skills through the use of the Second Step curriculum.  In Pre-K we learn and practice these skills through interactive puppet scripts, songs, and games.  The concepts we will learn about include: Skills for Learning, Empathy, Emotion Management, Friendship Skills and Problem Solving, and Transitioning to Kindergarten.   

Handwriting Without Tears:

In Pre-K we learn about forming and writing letters through our Handwriting Without Tears curriculum.  Through hands-on, active, and interactive activities our Pre-K students learn how letters are formed, beginning with uppercase letters.  Children LOVE the songs and components of this curriculum including Mat Man, a very important member of our Pre-K Classroom! 
handwriting without tears